Baby Shower Gift Guide

August 06, 2020 2 min read


So you were just invited to a baby shower and you need to brush off your gift giving skills after a little time away from the social scene. Love Bubby knows what babies want and we rounded up some of our favorites and unique gifts from other creative small businesses that are in the happy baby business! 


1. Citi Collective (

Babies come with a lot of accessories and busy mommas need a place to hold everything. Gone are the days with limited options for stylish bags that serve a dual purpose - style and function! Owner Maria designed the Citi Explorer with the intention that you’ll want to continue using this bag well after the baby has stopped wearing diapers!

2. Rookie Humans (

Help the new parent get those pictures just right when the baby is sleeping, rolling around or just adorably staring up in the new crib. These adorable crib sheets serve as a backdrop that brings whimsical stories to life around the baby … just by laying there! Owner Gaby helps pull together the entire package from crib to walls to toddler bed!

3. Toki Mats (

We are sure that baby’s social calendar is already packed and these Toki Mats will be the hottest spot during playdates. They easily store for travel or a clutter free home, and are made with child-friendly and safe materials. Owner Eli just released new mat prints and nursing pillow covers in matching (or mismatching!) designs to use for tummy time support, sitting practice or as a standalone product for nursing!

4. Love Bubby (

We couldn’t pass up our favorite Love Bubby items for the new baby gift. Help bring baby into the world with a clear statement in our Speaker Of The House bodysuit. And even if they are only the speaker (or screamer) of their current house, show them that you can start making a statement right away.

Visit us on Instagram @lovebubby to see our Shop Small highlights. We are always partnering with small women-owned businesses to share our favorite products that all kids - big and small - are sure to love.

Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby


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