Salute the Rule-Breakers

March 08, 2021 3 min read

Here's to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. - Michelle Obama

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Women's History Month is a celebration of women's contributions to history, culture and society. Love Bubby has proudly supported women entrepreneurs since we created our first design, and during the month of March, and especially on International Women's Day (March 8), we are pointing the spotlight on some of our favorite rule breakers.
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Serena Williams
Love Generation.It could be her 23 Grand Slam single titles or when she stepped onto the court in a controversial catsuit, Serena Williams has inspired an entire generation to be different, to show us that strong and beautiful are not mutually exclusive. And when we think about the people that change the world and how girls will win, Serena Willams is a top contender.
Kamala Harris
My First Madam Veep. We watched history in 2021 when the first woman, Black person, and person of Asian descent became the Vice President of the United States, and now the power of women will never be the same. We already know that this Love Bubby design was created for this inspiring and transformational rule-breaker, and this month we celebrate again (and again and again)!


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Greta Thunberg
Save My World.When intimidated to meet a new client or pitch a different idea to the boss, remember that Greta Thunberg has challenged the world's leaders to take real action against climate change. This Swedish 18-year-old is literally saving the world one action at a time and has an entire generation cheering for her success.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
We Dissent. We launched our RBG tribute collection in her honor soon after the world lost this legendary rule-breaker. She was a wife, mother, one of the few women in her law class, graduated first in her class from law school, and dedicated the rest of her legal career as an advocate for gender equality and women's rights. We are proud to continue her legacy - now available in a baseball hat!


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Sojourner Truth
Little Feminist. A former slave turned abolitionist and women's rights activist, she delivered her famous "Ain't I a Woman?" speech at the Women's Rights Convention in 1851.  She continued to speak out for the rights of African Americans and women during and after the Civil War.
Billie Jean King
Already Famous. Tennis has an impact around here and we are always in awe of the story of the woman who beat the great Bobby Riggs in straight sets during an exhibition matched aired in front of 90 million viewers. Billie Jean King knew the impact that match had on little and big girls around the world, and we are still talking about it nearly 50 years later.


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Nancy Pelosi
Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi made history in 2007 when she was elected the first woman to serve as Speaker of the House and is the only woman in US history to serve as speaker. This cult favorite speaks volumes and is a reminder that your little one can follow in any footsteps paved by this legend of the podium.
Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Fight for the Vote
Silence is Not Golden and VOTE Collection.It's hard to believe that women have only been voting in this country for 100 years after nearly 50 years of fighting for equality. Originally considered an extreme idea, women protested and were arrested for the constitutional right to vote. Susan B Anthony and hundreds of other leaders dedicated their lives to change our history and we loudly continue the fight for voting rights.
We salute all of the rule-breakers in history and are inspired to create new designs that celebrate the firsts but not the lasts. We support shattering all of the glass ceilings and thank you for sharing these stories with future generations.
Who is a woman that inspires you? Share your comments below or share with us on Instagram @lovebubby.

Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby 


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