Story Behind the Bodysuit

September 29, 2020 2 min read

The story behind the Vote for Me design came from a long line of ideas that created our Love Bubby product story. But have you wondered how we generated the other designs? The inspiration behind our statement pieces? These gender neutral and modern statement t-shirts and bodysuits (and now more) have their own stories that make them special, and I'm here to share them with you.

  • Little FeministTeach girls and boys the importance of equal rights right away with this popular graphic t-shirt. We all fight for the equality of all people and this Love Bubby favorite can be rocked on a play date, at the park or during a political rally!
  • Little Activist: It doesn't matter the age, gender or hair color, we are all raising little activists and we might as well brag about it. We want to show our kids how to make the world a better place – whether fighting for climate change or equal rights – it’s about doing what’s right. Every time.
  • Speaker Of The House: We all know who the real boss around here is, but this cult favorite is a reminder that your little one is going somewhere. We knew right away that she’s likely to get more podium time – whether a family addition or growing activist!
  • Mini Rockstar: Your Instagram takeover is getting major likes and comments, and we notice your rising star. This favorite is filling social feeds and if you want to get some screen time, make sure you’re dressed to impress too with Rockstar Mama.
  • Already Famous: Who are you kidding? This kid is already famous in all big and small circles and you don’t stand a chance. We designed this knowing that it’s just a matter of time before our people are calling their people.
  • Caught You Smiling At Me: It’s inevitable – you’re going to smile. We couldn’t help design the perfect statement that fits for every kid, baby, toddler … they’re getting all of the attention and they know it.
  • Will Smile for Candy: For any mama trying to get their energetic kid to smile for a picture or put their toys away, the power of candy is undeniable. We couldn’t help to design the sentiment and nod to our mamas shelling out Sour Patch Kids!
  • j'adore Mama (and Dada): Mama (and Dada) are everything and until they can thank you and love you with words, show it on their bodysuit. This design is a helpful way for us to show love for you, the hard-working mamas and dadas, through your toddler’s fashion.
  • Ciao Bella: Hello beautiful! Say it in Italian or English, we are in love with mama and we want her to know about it. When they smile back at you with that gummy grin, you know we love you, beautiful!
  • Vote for Me: Intended as a lighthearted meaning that instead of voting for that guy or girl, this design is more about voting for the future - that of all the choices, this vote is for our kids and the country we set up. Learn more about this design here.

What's your favorite Love Bubby statement product? Tell us in the comments below or share with us on Instagram @lovebubby.

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