Where 2020 Took Us

December 23, 2020 2 min read

Like most small business owners, I'm thinking about our accomplishments, challenges and successes this year, the most awkward of years we have ever seen but one with big lessons. Every year, we begin with optimism, dream big, and sometimes we dodge a few hurdles. But the last 10 months have taught us to be resilient and love our small business community like never before.

Love Bubby 2020 Year Small Business

With all of the uncertainty, Love Bubby kept designing and creating. We started the year with 30 days of tradeshows. In March, we launched our Rockstar collection for the mamas, especially those that started remote learning. In July we launched our Vote Collection to inspire our fans to carry the important message. In September, we shared our Election Collection so that baby, kids and women could get their hands on our best selling designs. 

Love Bubby 2020 Small Business Recap

With the loss of RBG, we created our RBG Tribute Collection to honor her life by keeping her tireless work alive through our work. Our fight for equality continues every day through our designs and focus, and we are proud to see the mamas and babes out there marching on in our product.

And just in time for Thanksgiving and to celebrate the election results, we launched our Grateful Collection as a nod to the fact that there is always something to appreciate - even in 2020.

Love Bubby 2020 Recap Small Business

Our partnerships and new friendships this year were a guiding light as we navigated rough waters. We raised money for Still We Rise, partnered with numerous small businesses to give away products to customers, and had our first product collaboration with Rey To Z Baseball Hats. All of this before we made it to Easter!

Love Bubby 2020 Small Business Recap Year end

This summer, while still in the middle of the pandemic, we had important conversations with our littles and we reminded each other that we believe Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, Science is Real, Feminism is for Everyone, No Human is Illegal and Kindness is EverythingThis important lesson will go on as long as we need.

And all year, we prepared for the election - one that meant real change in our country, a needed shift. We celebrated the anniversary of our new Vote for Me design, a design intended as a lighthearted meaning that instead of voting for that guy or girl, vote for me, the cutest little kid to ever exist. But then it became more and we fought to change the future for our kids!

During it all, we expanded our products to more styles, we joined more small businesses, and got more attention for our quality product and popular designs. So to thank my lucky stars for being here to share this list of accomplishments and milestones is truly an honor.

Some of us lost our favorite small (or big) businesses - local restaurants, super markets and coffee shops. We tried our hardest to buy gift cards and order take out to keep them on the map. And all of these months later, we appreciate our small business community in big ways.

And 2021 is here for the taking. Join me in using our lessons from this year to make it bigger, try harder and appreciate more. 

Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby 


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