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November 05, 2021 4 min read

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Every time you shop with a small business, someone does a happy dance. They grab the item from a small storage space, pack it into a box, and wrap each item with gratitude and a personalized note. They’re likely managing marketing, customer service, inventory, packing and shipping.

As you search for your holiday gifts for adults, kids, and baby this year, we want to share our top 4 reasons you should shop small business this season. From clothing for babies and kids to the latest fashion accessories for girls and boys, we love putting together a collection of gift ideas.

Our small female owned business continues to grow because of the support we receive from you, and we always support other small shops with powerful missions. Let us share more with you!

Reason 1: Help the Community

Whether you’re shopping in your local community or buying from a small business online, you’re supporting local jobs and keeping those dollars in the community. You may be in small town America or the bright lights of New York City, shopping a small business keeps the impact local.

What’s better than helping a community small business? Shopping with a business that gives back, like Spruce on Main. We also think ONEHOPE Wines is special. They give back to organizations that provide access to clean water, hunger relief, health research, and education. And how cute does a bottle of ONEHOPE sparkling wine look with the Love Bubby Champagne Crew hat?

Reason 2: Personalized Customer Service

Every time I shop from a small business, they send me a personalized note or unique packaging that tells me they appreciate my business. You'll quickly learn that a package from a small business is better than a too-big box with plastic packaging. We can do better than that.

A round of Santa-plause for our favorite small businesses hustling 365 days a year and always being there for us when we need them. We love the personalized touches that Maddie Green Boutique adds to her packages, and Josie Lewis likes to add colorful flare to her packaging.

Reason 3: One-of-a-kind Gifts

Whether it’s our own Love Bubby kids and baby designs or the local olive oil shop, you’ll find custom gifts when shopping local for your friends and family. Take time to stop by your local shops and be surprised with the unique talent growing businesses in your community and online. 

Classic small businesses like Rad Hat Society, The 125 Collection, and Open House carry unique and fun gifts that will no doubt make you the gift sleigh queen. 

You can also get creative with holiday shopping by supporting multiple small businesses with one gift. Brands like The Dopple curate and deliver a personalized gift of brands hand picked for your budget and style.

Reason 4: Reduced Carbon Footprint

It’s no mystery to anyone shopping online since the pandemic began that shipping has been a little slow. When you shop local, businesses are likely to use local resources with shorter travel miles to get your gift to you, which means less time waiting on the perfect gift - sounds like a win-win.

Small businesses that employ local employees are limiting time in cars, and money is going back into a community to rebuild its resources and create policies that support the businesses in that community. Discover how your purchase is a global fairy godparent!

Finding Small Businesses

Now that we have you convinced that shopping small is the best way to give this holiday season, the fun begins at the right price! Find small businesses that help their communities and make you the best gift giver this year. Here are some ways to find small businesses to support.

Shop Small Business Saturday

Jingle your way over to social media and search #shopsmall to find stores and gifts that you’ll love to buy this holiday. Small Business Saturday is typically the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but we think shopping small is trendy all year. 

Small stores like Tesoro in L.A. and Awesome Home in Brooklyn are local community favorites that support other small businesses. If you’re not nearby, shop with these small businesses online .. or find your own in your city.

Attend Local Craft Fairs 

The holiday is the perfect time for your community to rally together and showcase its local creative talent. Search social media, local new outlets, and ask your favorite local vendors for events like craft and maker fairs and events that can create a gift guide IRL.

Ask your Family and Friends

If you like that personalized city map pillow at your aunt’s cabin or the etched scotch glasses during Thanksgiving dinner at your mother-in-law’s, ask where they purchased the items. They more likely shopped locally or online with a small business.

Follow us on Instagram all season long for more small business ideas to shop this holiday, where we'll show you gift ideas for the newborn, baby, and the special boy and girl on your list. And we have some special ideas for mama too!

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