Why Midterms Matter

August 25, 2022 2 min read

Love Bubby has been helping everyone from babies to big kids make statements since we started designing in 2016. And when we created our  Vote for Me design in time for the 2020 elections, we didn’t realize how important the message would still be today.

With only a few months until the critical midterm elections, Love Bubby is taking a few minutes to ask for a very important favor -please vote for our future. Our cheeky designs still have urgency - of all the choices, every vote is for our kids and the country we set up is for them.

As a mom, woman and small business owner, it’s important that I fight for a future that my child can be proud of. Midterm elections are often overlooked so let me share information in this first of two messages to help you prepare to vote this fall.

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What are midterm elections?

Don’t let the Presidential election get all of your attention. Thanks for making it to the polls every four years to vote for the US President, but we need you to jump in for the midterm elections. From our friends at  Rock the Vote:

Midterm elections, or midterms, are elections held during the second year of a President’s four-year period in office – in the middle of the Presidential term.

While the US President is elected every four years, the House of Representatives is elected every two years and members of the Senate are elected every six years. As you can see, the midterm elections are necessary to keep the machine turning.

In addition, state and local elections take place during midterm years - which explains why you see so many red, white and blue posters around town. 

Where are we in 2022?

Midterm elections are so critical and can often completely change the House and/or Senate. And that’s what we have in 2022. 

Currently, the House and Senate are both led by the Democrats. In November, that control of the US Congress is up for grabs.

Republicans have a strong chance to take control of the House, while Democrats can retain a majority in the Senate. This year, Republicans only need to gain five seats to gain control of the House.

By shifting the power away, the President, a Democrat, will have an uphill battle to pass his remaining policy agenda. We face more fights, stalls and inaction. In addition, having the wrong people in office risks access to health care, the ability to vote, and what our kids learn in school.

In my next blog post, I’ll talk more about some critical races to look out for during this year’s midterm elections.

Vote collection

Ready to get out there? Start sharing the important vote message with our  Vote collection. Between now and election day, have a voice in style with our tees, sweatshirts and hoodies designed to make a statement.

Because voting is a year-round sport. #midtermsmatter

Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby 


vote midterms kids child baby clothes tees shirt children

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