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Mama's Holiday Wishlist

November 30, 2017

As we prepare for the Holiday season it's only fitting that we are all thinking about the kids and how much we will buy them "from Santa". 

Of course we love our kids (we are a kids brand) but this Holiday we wanted to share all the things we are coveting right now - FOR YOU! So as you are shopping out there be sure to splurge a little - on yourself - we know we will be adding these things to our wishlist! 

1. Flynn & King Balance Facial Toner, $27 // We adore this Brooklyn based brand and think this is exactly what we need after the crazy holiday season. 

2. Rise of the Woman Sunglasses, $195 // It is the century of the woman (we know you know that) and what better way to show it than with style & grace! 

3. Max Wanger Print (16"x 24"), $150 // A vendor in the Still We Rise auction, this print shop is the next Gray Malin! This print is the perfect mix of our obsession with monochrome & NYC.

4. Kinder Perfect, $24.95 // Cards Against Humanity meets life as a parent! With the winter season gearing up this is a must have. 

5. Everly Rings, $99 // If you want a lot of luxury at a little price this jewelry brand is your go to and you cannot beat their customer service. 

6. Away Suitcase, $225 // Who wouldn't want this stylish travel bag with all these perks...lifetime warranty, built in battery for charging devices and so many colors to choose from. ($20 off when you use purchase through this link)

7. Emerson Fry Sequin Jacket, $298 // This jacket is all we ever needed! It is currently sold out but sign up for them to notify you when it comes back in stock. We will be patiently waiting over here too! 

8. Oak & Mini Neoprene Bag, $90 // We adore this "superwoman" bag. It's stylish, functional and the perfect size. 

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