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Insta Famous!

Addi Marn: Little Feminist tee (July 2017)

What's Up Buttarcup: Babe & Swagster tees (July 2017)

Erica Shaw: Little Feminist tees (June 2017)

Household Mag: Little Feminist tee (June 2017)

Mini Style Mag Little Feminist tee (May 2017)

FoodBabyNY:  Swagster tee (April 2017)

FoodBabyNY: Little Feminist tee (April 2017)



Mama Finds:  Love Bubby feature (April 2017)

Ledger & Major:  Love Bubby feature (March 2017)

The Garcia Diaries:  "Small shops to support on International Women's Day" (March 2017)



Red Tricycle: "10 Awesome T-Shirts That Scream Girl Power" (June 2017)

Babiekins Magazine: Featurekins // Love Bubby (May 2017)