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May 11, 2021 4 min read

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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of warm weather, summer vacations, and kids looking for a change of scene after a long year (maybe we are too!). We can’t seem to pull our eyes away from swimsuits and any location more than 100 feet from our bedroom! But we know that even now, traveling with the kiddos can be a new adventure. 

Here are some ideas to help you venture out safely to take those vacation plans off hold. Let us motivate you to dust off your duffle bag and pack for a great escape.

Nearby Vacations

If you’re staying local, encourage kids to use their imaginations with these books and build a big experience.

  • My Little Cities: New York is a fun illustrated book that serves as a great itinerary for a fun visit to the city. From ballparks to skylines, show the kids the famous landmarks in their book. Check out the other cities in the series. 
  • Hide and Seek Chicago is a great way to play a game, add adventure, and walk around the city checking out the best spots in town. Even if Chicago isn’t on the itinerary this year, change the mentioned locations to a local spot. 
  • Stay safe while traveling around the city visiting museums with our Love Bubby x Billie Blooms Lips Mask. I still get compliments when I’m wearing this fashion piece and we know you will too. 
Love Bubby Grateful Kids Baby Adult Family Dress Clothes

Road Warriors

If a road trip is part of your vacation plans, pack up the car and make your way to a new spot with the entire family! If this is the first time your family is getting away, settle nerves and help the entire family get ready with these ideas.

  • Make it a family game. Pick 5 places that are within driving distance and kid-friendly, and let the kids vote for their favorite. (Teach them how important voting is - even for family vacations.)
  • Dress up for the car ride with a family theme. Like crazy socks or pajamas or Love Bubby Grateful t-shirts, hoodies and bodysuits
  • Add the fun factor with car games to keep the kids looking forward to the destination. Reenact your childhood game like "I spy" and the alphabet game for older kids, and the license plate game where you call out license plates from other states!
Love Bubby Love Generation Kids Baby Clothing t-shirt

Off to Grandma’s

The year has likely kept you and the kids away from grandparents, aunts, and other loved ones. Now that more families are safely able to visit each other and share our first big hugs, we want to join in on the fun!

  • Whether you’re traveling by air or sea or land, show them how excited you are to see them with a personalized sign! Add all of the colors in the rainbow and even let the little ones join with hand prints and pictures!
  • Show grandma how much you missed her with our new Love Generation design. Getting all of the generations together is true love! 
Love Bubby Brooklyn Hipster Summer Camp Kids Clothes Fun Baby

Summer Camp is Calling

Whether joining the annual campground in the mountains or the local kids club in the city, summer camp is a fun way for kids to hang out together, get back to some normalcy, and learn fun new skills - not to mention a lifetime of memories! Here are fun ways to get them ready for time away!

  • Show them pictures of camp, talk about and start some of the activities, and meet a few kids before camp starts. Help them acclimate to being around kids again with fun introductions.
  • To our Brooklyn kids, show up the first day of camp with our Brooklyn Hipster design and help them stand out and make fast friends. 
  • Even if group summer camp isn’t in the cards this year, organize your own family or pod summer camp. Fresh air and no zoom classes are just what you need - and may we suggest the we got this Baseball Cap for all of the adults in charge of starting a fire? 
Love Bubby Caught You Smiling at Me Baby Travel Bodysuit Onesie

Planes, trains, and automobiles

For the adventurous soul that needs a change of scene, getting on a plane for a flight to a different location may be what the doctor ordered. Traveling with kids before the pandemic was a challenge so we get it if you’re nervous to fly now. 

  • Pack up the masks, cleaning wipes, and extra snacks. But don’t forget the books, games, and maybe a few electronic devices to keep them entertained.
  • For baby’s first flight, consider our Caught You Smiling At Me Bodysuit to make them smile the second they see those cheeks! 

Have you traveled with the kids recently? How are you getting ready for road trips, a plane ride, and seeing new people? I’d love to hear how other families are getting the kids ready for a big summer!


Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby 


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