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April 21, 2021 3 min read

Love Bubby save my world earth day kids children clothing

This year on Earth Day, we are making sustainability goals clear as we outline our social responsibility at Love Bubby. Our goal is bigger than just bringing you fun statement tees for your little ones. We are committed as a brand to deliver social good practices that make a difference in this world. Click here to learn a few of the ways we are contributing to those efforts as we continue to find new ways to make a difference.

As we continue to learn more about our business and own personal social responsibility, we want to make sure our customers understand that when shopping favorite brands, you should be looking for more than price and delivery method. Shopping small is important but shopping responsibly makes a big impact toward a sustainable future.


From hiring practices to product development to shipping, Love Bubby bodysuits and t-shirts are manufactured and carefully handled by a team focused on energy, water and waste reduction. And their careful practices produce almost zero landfill waste. And that’s something Love Bubby can get behind!

Love Bubby Save My World Earth Day Kids Baby Children Clothes

When shopping for items, look for businesses that don't make shortcuts during the product development process - from the materials needed to make the product (fabrics, textiles, stone, etc.) to the people that handle the product during the process. More often today, businesses are transparent about their practices by reducing waste and conserving water, using clean energy, and making sustainable materials.

cuddle+kind ethically produces hand-knit dolls in Peru, providing over 750 talented artisans with a sustainable, fair trade income. Toki Mats are made with safe materials in their manufacturing and their assortment was designed with the small customer in mind. These brands are doing business differently and we hope you can get behind these big impacts.


Love Bubby Save My World Earth Day Kids Children cute clothes

At Love Bubby, we have a goal to deliver 100% sustainable packaging for our orders by Holiday 2021 – even down to the details. That goal is important to our future and commitments, and it takes one small step each day, through each decision to make that goal. It doesn’t happen overnight.

As companies recognize the need to act on sustainability, it doesn’t stop at the product. Many Etsy sellers started doing this by cutting out packing statements and materials. Bowfish Kids packaging is eco-friendly so customers aren't left with an excessive amount of non-recyclable plastic. So while big businesses are slowly making these changes, small businesses are leading the change on reducing their footprint beyond the product.

Partnerships and Giving Back

Collaborations are important to us - it’s an honor to partner with talented, strong and driven business-owners, and we have learned that businesses of every size can make sustainability a reality. Most recently, I interviewed Bowfish Kids about their business and commitment to sustainability in their everyday decisions. Bowfish Kids is transparent about their sustainability goals and with a complete disclosure to their progress. They are a wonderful example of how a small business can scale and still make good choices. 

Giving back while shopping is a small way to easily contribute to something bigger while shopping. Our friends at cuddle+kind is a family of five on a mission to feed children and the purchase of one doll equates to 10 meals. 

Love Bubby Social Responsibility Still We Rise Giving Give Back

Love Bubby donates a portion of its sales to Feeding America and over the years, has supported the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, No Kid Hungry, The Loveland Foundation, and through the infamous social media auctions at Still We Rise.

Choosing small businesses that give back - and BIG - is the best way to receive! 

What small businesses are creating products and driven by a mission to deliver social good practices that make a difference in this world? Leave a comment below and share with us! We would love to learn from other businesses and share the ones making an impact!


Jaime, Founder & Designer @ Love Bubby 

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